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Home Inspections


 Our bread and butter. Find out why we are rated one of the top inspection companies in all of the U.S. Highly trained and competent inspectors will guide you through every system of your property, equipping you with knowledge to make informed decisions.  

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Termite Inspections


 A WDO/Termite Inspection looks for evidence of wood destroying organisms like termites, fungus, and other pests. Termite infestation is very common in Oklahoma. 

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Well Inspections


 A home buyer should want to know if the well is functioning properly and if the water quality meets current health standards. Therefore, we offer well inspections and a wide range of water quality analysis, testing for bacteria, nitrate, lead, arsenic and much more. 

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Septic Inspections


Sewer Scope Inspections should be done on all homes. It is recommended on homes built before 1980. With this type of inspection, we are able to detect damaged pipes, signs of extreme corrosion, blockages and more.

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Pool Inspections


A swimming pool can be an attractive asset to any home and lure the potential home buyer into a purchase. Pools can be costly to repair, so if you are thinking of buying a property with a pool, we can inspect it for you! 

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Septic Inspections


 If you are buying a home with a septic tank, you should consider having it inspected.  Septic system inspections include but not limited to running water in the house, checking clean out if available, and walking the drain field (lateral lines), to observe any problems that my materialize during the inspection 

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